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What is MateEdit?

MateEdit is a collaborative editor, which lets you share your documents with friends who may be in the next room or all over the world.

It features different colours and icons for each partcipant, a chat room to coordinate changes, and all changes made are colour highlighted to show contributions from other participants.

MateEdit works over any network and can be used for quick idea exchanges, brain storming, programming, creative writing, role playing and any other task where two or more people share their thoughts and collaborate.

So if you want to boost your productivity and creativity by sharing your work with friends or colleagues, MateEdit is the choice for you.

MateEdit main window screenshot

MateEdit in the press

German Linux User 09/2005

Current features:

Change highlighting
User icons
Chat room
Zeroconf integration

Planned features/Ideas:

Kopete integration for chat messages and joining
Standalone server
Session tickets
KDE integration. Planned for KDE 4.0


Version 0.2



Added undo
Merge zeroconf and non-zeroconf branch
Better integration of zeroconf and non-zeroconf clients
Use real username for user details


Initial Release

MateEdit - Taking real time collaboration to a new level!

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